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Obtain quick feedback on your pronunciation of English.  Take the free screen with no obligation to complete the program. 

The Compton Pronouncing English as a Second Language Accent Modification Method (PESL) is a comprehensive approach to assessing and improving the clarity and accuracy of English pronunciation for non-native speakers.


  • Better English pronunciation will help you communicate your message quickly and efficiently without having to constantly stop and repair the communication breakdown.

  • Increase the clarity of your communication.

  • Increase your confidence when speaking English.

  • Decrease your frustration when trying to get your message across.

  • Become a smooth English speaker.

  • Better relationships with your customers/clients or patients.

  • Be able to negotiate with complete control, confidence and finesse. 

  • Increase your business opportunities.

  • Increase your sales.

  • Master your presentation.


  • Comprehensive assessment of your current speaking abilities and English sound errors.

  • Thirteen, 60 minute individual sessions.

  • Web based practice lab and lifetime online subscription to Compton P-ESL Client materials.

  • Post assessment of your speaking skills to determine your level of progress.

  • Most individuals who complete the assigned practice activities every day will experience at least a 50% level of improvement in their pronunciation of English sounds.

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